Prosciutto Producer

Here, in the area of Modena, a special kind of Prosciutto is produced. Similar to the Parma one, this is also protected by the EU Regulation.

The visit

Modena is the land also of the “D.O.P. Modena Ham”. The factory ham you will visit with IFM was founded 30 years ago, thanks to the experience of the founding member operating in the pork slaughtering and processing sector. The first production site was located in the centre of a village, in the countryside of Modena: the initial production capacity was of 1000/1500 dry-cured hams per week. Today, after the movement of the company in the new production reaches a capacity of 4000 pork thighs a week.

During the guided tour, you will learn and discover all the process phases: the selection of raw materials from accredited slaughterhouses recognized by the regulations of the D.O.P.; the first and second salting with a special preparation of a mixture of sea salt; the curing process; the desalting phase and then the transfer to the resting cells (5 cellars); the pre-curing stage at a temperature of 15°/18° C; the greasing, manually made with a mixture of rice flour and salt; the last curing phase and finally the quality control, made by an inspector of the Prosciutto consortium, which tastes with a special object the Prosciutto in 3 different point…. Through the smell, the Inspector understands the quality.

At the end of the tour, a generous tasting of few products (as ham, fiocco, cooked ham, salami, pancetta…) together with bread, different types of cheese and a glass of Lambrusco will be served!