Lambrusco wine tours in Italy

Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine, perfect for all occasions.

The history of Lambrusco wine

Italy is world-known for its wine. Here, in the area of Modena, there is the production of a red wine, called Lambrusco, which is becoming year by year more prestigious.

The “Vitis Labrusca” is named 2000 years ago in some books. In 1567 the personal doctor of Pope Sisto V says that on the hills in front of Modena, red lambrusche grapes are grown, which give sparkling, spicy, fragrant wine. From the past to the present, the oldest country traditions for working the land, the grapes and the bottling techniques, give us today an important point-of-view of the production of Lambrusco.

The Lambrusco can be a sparkling or a champagne wine; it’s a protected and controlled product with the DOC symbol, which certified the production area of its grapes: Modena, Parma, Reggio Emilia and Mantova.

Lambrusco is the perfect wine for our regional food: a glass of Lambrusco is the best aperitif you could ever had with Parmigiano Reggiano, of course!

Lambrusco wine tours in Italy - Tasting wine with local food
Lambrusco wine tour in Italy - Wine producer visit

The wine tours

The wine producer you will visit started his history more than 220 years ago. The visit starts at the Museum of Wine, 6000 mq of agricultural history: you will discover how the wine was produced, how the land was worked with ancient tools, wine making equipments and agricultural machineries. This wine producer family has always felt part of this territory, not only for the oenological world, but also for motors and sports, being one of the most important sponsor for Modena teams.

From the history to the present: you will see the autoclaves for the fermentation of the wine with an interesting explanation made by very knowledgeable guides . At the end, a tasting of wines will served with a short introduction of what you are going to drink and tasting: grape, fermentation, flavor! 

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