Food tour in Ravenna

Food, art and history in Ravenna

A Food tour in Ravenna takes place in the historical city Centre of a magnificent city. Ravenna is world-known for its Byzantine mosaic and for its food. It is the biggest city of Romagna area, the part of this region which looks at the Adriatic Sea. The history of Ravenna started in the Roman Period and became more popular and an important junction between West and East during the Byzantine period (V and VI Century): Ravenna preserves today the most important and biggest heritage of religious buildings decorated in mosaic of the World.

The food traditions are called also “the gold of Ravenna”: not only mosaic, but even the food is so rich in this city!
A food tour in Ravenna guides you in the heart of the city, through historical monuments and the art of fresh home-made pasta as cappelletti (similar to tortellini) and passatelli (made with eggs, cheese and bread). The best moment of the Food tour in Ravenna is the “Piadina cooking class”: Piadina means Romagna and it’s a typical kind of bread, exclusively hand-made, to eat with Prosciutto and Squacquerone, a fresh cream cheese. Thanks to local expert guides and escorts. You will discover all the secrets of this city.

Food tour Ravenna

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