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Piacenza is in the heart of Po Valley, located in the right bank of the River Po and it’s the last city of the roman road Via Emilia, in the North of the region. Even Leonardo da Vinci called it “land of pass”, thanks to its important location and very close to Milan.
The city of Piacenza has been founded by the Romans and with Parma, during the XVI -XIX Century, became an important Dukedom, thanks first of all to Farnese family. Piacenza is called the “first-born city of Italy” because it has been the first city to ask the annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia, base of the future Kingdom of Italy.

A food tour in Piacenza gives you the opportunity to discover this quite city full of historical and artistic treasures in its Centre: the Dom, the Gothic Palace, Farnese Palace but also its province full of Castles and fortresses.
The area of Piacenza is considered a “small food valley” because here there is the highest number of protected food & wine excellences of Italy: coppa, salami and pancetta (cured-meats); anolini, tortelli and pisarei (fresh home-made pasta); Gutturnio, a red wine.


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