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Enjoy a Food tour in Parma, the first city nominated in 2015 Creative City of Gastronomy UNESCO. Along the roman road Via Emilia, Parma is located in the north area of the region, between Po Valley and Northern Apennine Mountains.
The city Centre is full of monuments, palaces and buildings which speak about history and art, and thanks to its theatres, Parma is consider also one of the Capitol City of Music, as Bologna. The Dukedoms of Parma and Piacenza have left more than 40 Castles, fortresses and manors, built between XVI and XIX Century.

A food tour in Parma, guided by local expert guides and escorts, is an amazing trip into one of the oldest cuisine of Italy, connected to all the historical periods that the city lived. Parma is world-known for Prosciutto, Culatello di Zibello, Parmigiano Reggiano and Fungo (mushroom) Porcino but also for its wine, Malvasia, a fruity aromatic white wine. From the city Centre and its monuments, to the country side with its Castles, a food tour in Parma is an authentic experience.

Food tour Parma

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