Food tour in Ferrara

Food, art and history in Ferrara

A Food tour in Ferrara makes you go back in years, in particular in the period of Renaissance with the Este family and its chef, Cristoforo di Messisbugo. He wrote an important book of recipes, published in 1549, with all the explanations for a princely banquet. This is the symbol of the European renaissance cuisine. For more than three Centuries, the Este family reigned in Ferrara and the city lived its golden period. In 1995, the city Centre became a World Heritage.

A food tour in Ferrara is the best way for discovering the main monuments of this wonderful city: the beautiful Estense Castle, the Cathedral and the Ducale Palace, Schifanoia Palace, the urbanistic project Addizione Erculea.
During a Food Tour in Ferrara, accompanied by local expert guides and escorts, you will have the opportunity to find out all the secrets about its food excellences and old traditions: ricciola, a salty dough for breakfast; pasticcio di maccheroni; pumpkin’s cappellacci (tortelloni); salami of Ferrara; coppia, typical bread; pampapato and tenerina, chocolate cakes; Fortana, local wine.
Enjoy a Food Tour in Ferrara riding a bike: after some tastings, have a break around the medieval walls of the city …Ferrara is the city of bicycles!

Food tour Ferrara

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